i’m sure there’s an easier way

Running around and around the blogosphere, doing my darnedest not to get *too* caught up – that “speed sufficient to keep from crashing” thing again – I think I’m finally starting to get a sense of some of the key nodes in the cross-linked online comp-rhet scene. I had a slight level increase when I realized that I could treat blogrolls a little like Works Cited lists, and thereby glean some information from whose names come up repeatedly. It’s certainly a whole lot faster than trying to see who comments the most, and whose comments generate the most conversations. Still, I can’t help but suspect that tracking these kinds of interconnections / clusters / loops / whatever-you’d-call-them can now be done by a computer, and far faster than I’ve managed to do it…

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • http://www.ydog.net/
  • http://stevendkrause.com/
  • http://collinvsblog.net/
  • http://www.earthwidemoth.com/mt/

… and then my browser crashed. Any word on the new Google browser from those of you who’ve tried it?

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