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The entire content of this post, other than this sentence, is https://twitter.com/oncomouse/status/588776575417458688 @readywriting i know, right? my FYC class may just be watching it for an hour. — Andrew Pilsch (@oncomouse) April 16, 2015


I’ve taught college composition, composition theory, and writing across the curriculum, as well as poetry workshops and seminars. In all of these, I structure time to help students engage with each other and with texts in active, concrete, and extendable ways, so that each activity fosters a range of “teachable moments.”

Major Projects

I have been involved in several digital projects from their beginnings, including the Writing Studies Tree and the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. I am currently conducting a “distant reading” study of ~2,700 doctoral dissertations in Composition / Rhetoric, 2001-2010, analyzing clusters within and among methods, tags, and vocabulary.


My first book of poems, Without Compass, was published by Four Way Books in April 2014. An article based on my dissertation research is included in the September 2014 issue of College Composition and Communication.

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