on SEO and the ubiquity of my name

From the first page of Google hits alone, you find that Benjamin Miller is a professor of math and logic, a comedian and actor with a background in solid-state physics, a dermatologist and organic chemist, a fairly hackneyed and omphaloskeptic Wordpress blogger, a Columbia-affiliated scholar of culture and sanitation in New York City, a Twitter-ing programmer of browser plugins, and an education policy consultant with an Ivy-League undergrad degree and an interest in reforming high-stakes assessment.

None of these are the same person, and none of them are me.

buddypress, common sense, and me: on privacy

As I was spiffing up the blog, I noticed that my new posts were not beaming out to the CUNY Academic Commons activity feed as expected. Confused, I asked for help over the wire, and now that it’s come (via resident hackerguru Boone B. Gorges), I figured I’d share it here. Turns out that the …