fuzzy logic software

Stumbled upon this while I was trying to find a very basic windows tutorial video for my grandfather:

It describes a system called Gobi, which apparently allows you to express the relative strength of relationships between items in a tag list, and then sort through them by “focusing” on one or more tags. This updates the usual tag concept – which allows a text to be on more than one shelf at once – by opening up the binary on/off: now texts can be *nearer* or *farther* from more than one shelf at once.

Well, almost: from what little I can see, you can’t directly link the texts themselves this way, just the tags: a text would still have to have or not-have a tag, in a binary fashion. (In the video, the tags are just “concepts,” not really labels at all.) But I haven’ t really played around with it yet, so maybe I’m wrong.

And I’m not going to play around with it until after I play around with Sophie. And that, as you may guess by the growing consensus, will have to wait at least until intersession.

Tagged: connectedness, organization, spatial rhetorics

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